Finally! A fun, practical, way to teach kids about Finance and Economics.

At Starstockz™ we believe exposing children to Economic education fosters financial success in Adulthood We transform abstract and complex concepts into kid-friendly lessons that are exciting, relatable, and illustrate real-world applications. As a parent, what more can you ask for?

Give your children true education

Schools teach Pythagoras’ theorem in Geometry, Newton’s Law of Motion in Physics, and Hamlet in Literature. But, when do students learn about taxes or budgeting? How about which policies affect Billionaires and Teenagers alike? What about starting or selling a business?

What We Do

Starstockz is designed to teach about the world around them in a fun and tangible way. Children will be better prepared to handle the world they will inherit. Each theme builds on the last reinforcing the lessons that were established delivering robust knowledge that will create financially capable individuals.

What You Will Learn


  • Supply and demand: identify the factors that affect everyone in the world
  • Behavioral psychology: recognize tactics that are used to force behavior
  • Politics: analyze topics in the headlines that affect us all
  • International trade: understand what makes the wo

Personal Finance

  • Budgeting: learn how to build personal wealth by setting smart fiscal goals
  • Debt, credit: Avoid money money traps that
  • Investing: create portfolios to earn money
  • Taxes: understand how you and the government work in tandem
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  • Business plans: create a plan that will attract potential investors to your doors
  • Pitching: explain your vision to potential customers and supporters
  • project management: control resources and cost while managing team flow for efficiency and effectiveness
  • Scaling: grow your business from a side project to a full grown company

Our Story

Starstockz was officially founded in 2019 to address the ever-changing landscape of finance and education. Created out of frustration with stale lessons, and outdated models Our team realized the financial disparities between men and women as well as marginalized groups continue to grow further apart. The advent of technology displaces workers and outsourcing disrupts communities. Schools are supposed to prepare us to handle the world of tomorrow. However, bogged down by bureaucracy and outmoded ideologies, our school system is not equipped. Our financial institutions should protect as well as educate but they profit from our ignorance. Starstockz is free of bias and is invested in your financial capability because what’s better than a world made simple?

17 states

Require high school students to take a course in personal finance.



Of students who save more money after taking a finance class.


$4.1 trillion

Outstanding consumer debt in the United States still growing.


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