Finally! A fun, practical, way to teach kids about Finance and Economics.

How can you give your child a world made simple?

Schools teach Pythagoras’ theorem in Geometry, Newton’s Law of Motion in Physics, and Hamlet in Literature.

But, when do students learn about taxes or budgeting? How about which policies affect Billionaires and Teenagers alike? What about starting or selling a business?

Our educational system neglects the basics of what drives the workforce: Money.

Economics and Financial literacy are critical to success in the “Real World”, but, we can’t agree on who’s should do it. We prioritize preparing students for tests failing students and teachers in the process.

At Starstockz™ we believe exposing children to Economic education fosters Financial success  in Adulthood.

We transform abstract and complex concepts into kid friendly lessons that are exciting, relate-able, and illustrate real world applications.

Starstockz™ offers a variety of formats for every age group which include:

  • Reference Texts (Print/Digital)
  • Children’s Workbooks (Print/Digital)
  • Apps
  • Web Based Resources
  • and Much More!